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#1102 Children’s worries are real; this dad knows how to ease them

By Cathryn Wellner / August 27, 2014

Parents become adept at dealing with children’s worries. When his daughter could not sleep because of the noise of fireworks, Benjamin J. Ames brought out his ukulele. The song he chose to distract her was clearly a familiar one. As they sang “Tonight You Belong to Me”, Adelaide stopped her dad to listen for fireworks, […]


#790 Boys with painted nails

By Cathryn Wellner / September 14, 2013

The guy (not the one in the photo) is a barista, and he paints his nails. So one day a mom comes in, sees his bright green nails and says, “Wow, you’re so brave!” It gives her the courage to allow her son to paint his nails. Next week she comes back in with her […]


#777 The flower of hope blossoms in darkness

By Cathryn Wellner / September 1, 2013

When Dr. Larry Brilliant won the 2006 TED Prize, he made an outrageous wish: “Help me stop pandemics.” That might seem as likely as stopping the rise of the sun in the east, but the good doctor has reason to believe it is possible. He witnessed the world’s last case of smallpox, a scourge that […]


#724 Homeless woman who returned $10,000 no longer homeless

By Cathryn Wellner / July 10, 2013

In October 2012 a homeless Calgary woman saw a purse leaning against a vehicle’s passenger door. She had just registered what she was seeing when the car drove off. She could not get the driver’s attention so took it back to her room in the downtown YWCA. When she opened the purse to see if […]


#644 Their love has lasted more than 7 decades

By Cathryn Wellner / April 21, 2013

During 70 years of marriage, Jack Potter kept a diary. He had always taken notes about his days, but when he met Phyllis Clayson at a wartime dance in 1941, he had even more to write about. He fell head over heels in love. She asked him to dance, and they have been together ever […]


#641 Celebrate Neighbor / Neighbour Day

By Cathryn Wellner / April 18, 2013

Jackson Street in Twin Falls, Idaho, was not the model for Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. A couple of families were bringing up wild children who seemed headed for a life of petty crime. Some of the adults were knocking each other around. On the other hand, a couple next door let us eat our fill of […]


#598 Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera risks all for LGBT justice

By Cathryn Wellner / March 6, 2013

In a country where gays and lesbians are forced into exile, where they live in fear of discovery, the courage of Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is extraordinary. The young LGBTI-rights activist continues to campaign for an end to homophobia in Uganda, despite knowing she could be killed for her courage. Homophobia is vicious in Uganda. In […]


#545 Lizzie Velasquez is beautiful

By Cathryn Wellner / January 12, 2013

Born with no adipose tissue, Lizzie Velasquez is a 60-pound, 23-year-old woman on a mission to share her story. She wants to teach people to look beyond the exterior, their own and others’, to help them acknowledge and embrace their inner beauty. Only three people in the world have the condition that makes her so […]


#537 Fake it until you become it

By Cathryn Wellner / January 4, 2013

Take 20 minutes to watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, “Your body language shapes who you are”, and you just might have one of the best and easiest success tools available. The premise is simple. When we feel powerful, we open our bodies. We fling our arms wide, stand in a confident pose, sit with a […]


#515 Mr. Happy Man

By Cathryn Wellner / December 13, 2012

He has breakfast at 2 a.m. because Johnny Barnes, aka Mr. Happy Man, has work to do. From 4 to 10 a.m., he greets commuters as they drive by on their way to work. For years he worked as an electrician on the Bermuda railway and drove buses. When he retired, he still wanted to […]

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