#1077 Jews and Arabs are refusing to be enemies


How would the Arab-Israeli conflict change if Jews and Arabs just refused to be enemies? A Facebook page is trying to find out. That peace is elusive is no surprise, given the history of the region and the militancy on…


#978 Chris Hedges, warrior of hope

Chris Hedges

For any who fear hope is a wimp, that it is the white flag of surrender raised above the messy fray of real life, let me present Chris Hedges, warrior of hope. Born in 1956, Chris Hedges is a journalist…


#961 Winds of hope blow through Tunisia

Tunisian flag

The debate was heated. Two secular politicians were assassinated. And many worry that certain provisions are open to differing interpretations, but Tunisia’s new constitution is garnering praise from around the globe. Among the rights guaranteed by the new document: Gender…


#954 From bombs to lightbulbs

Megatons to Megawatts turned bombs to electricity

As a child I used to have vivid nightmares about a Russian invasion. The Soviet Union had exploded its first atomic bomb three years after my birth. The Cold War was in full swing. People were building bomb shelters. Schools…


#944 Sharing the wealth

Mahatma Gandhi with Vinoba Bhave

In a world where the richest 85 people have amassed assets equivalent to 3.5 billion of the poorest (half the world’s population), we could use another Vinayak Bhave. Given the diminutive name, Vinoba, by his mentor and friend, Mahatma Gandhi,…


#924 A heretic in the halls of finance

Brett Scott

If we had any lingering illusions about the global finance system, they came crashing down in 2008 and in the years that followed. As usual, the manipulators landed on their feet and threw the rest of us into the trash…