Taking action

#1167 Laura Bates wants Everyday Sexism to stop

Posted on Tumblr with this message: “Headlines that would never be used to describe a man”

Karen was cornered by three drunken men in a train station. Sarah’s work colleagues told her she should be a stripper because she has big boobs. Aoife’s best friend told her family she had news. They assumed she was pregnant,…


#1165 Awkward…7 black kids on racism

Things white people say; photo clip from video below

The clever young people behind FCKH8.com have come up with anti-racism video that made me nod my head all the way through. The 7 black kids, aged 6 to 13, who deliver their lines with such flair are all from…


#1158 They brought sockeye salmon back to the river

Sockeye salmon en route to spawning; photo by Ingrid Taylor, via Flickr Creative Commons

A few years ago the Okanagan Indian Band was hosting a food security event at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, British Columbia. Dr. Jeannette Armstrong welcomed us to her traditional territory, and then she did something we colonizers would never…