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Keep your hope habit strong


New posts will appear here every Sunday, but those of you who want a daily infusion of hope will find it on Hope Habit. Grab the habit with daily posts, inspiring quotes you can download and post anywhere, heart-opening music,…


#1001 Addicted to hope


I have acquired a new addiction: hope. As addictions go, it is one of the healthier ones. Now when I find myself dissolving into despair over the world’s ills or my own failings, I have 1000 reasons to get over…


#1000 Going the extra mile for a friend

Gerda's friends

When Gerdi McKenna of Pretoria, South Africa, was diagnosed with cancer, one of her friends contacted a local charity, Caring Daisies, to see if they could set up a photo shoot. They figured it would be a good distraction for…


#993 And the blind shall see

Aravind Eye Hospital

A network of profitable hospitals that provide free and ultra-subsidized eye care for millions of Indians began as the unlikely dream of a retired doctor. Anyone can use these private hospitals and pay only what they can afford, or nothing…


#991 Pint-sized model of compassion

Cayden Taipalus

When a child at Challenger Elementary in Howell, Michigan was refused lunch because there was no money in the student’s account, 8-year-old Cayden Taipalus was heartbroken. So was the hungry child. The cheese sandwich, along with juice and fruit, that…


#985 Dan Dolderman’s Unstoppable Snowball

Dan Dolderman

Dan Dolderman started his TEDxUofT (University of Toronto) talk with a story he says broke his heart. His daughter was filling containers with snow. When he asked her what she was going to do with the snow, she said: “I’m…


#983 Harry Potter fans are changing the world

Logo of the Harry Potter Alliance, courtesy of the alliance

For all the years of the Harry Potter phenomenon, young fans carried around thick books and waited at the doors of their favourite book stores for the next heavy tome. As a former librarian, I was thrilled by the enthusiasm…


#981 Restoring justice, restoring joy

Fania E. Davis, Executive Director of RJOY

In the 15 months I lived in Oakland, California, my heart was deeply torn by the young people I met from neighbourhoods so downtrodden they looked abandoned or bombed or even just spirit crushed. I met children from those neighbourhoods…


#967 The secret to conquering stage fright

Joe Kowan on stage fright

Fear of public speaking is not as debilitating as many of the phobias that appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. But glossophobia still plagues the majority of the population. So it is not surprising that Joe…


#962 South African turns neknominating into a force for good

Brent Lindeque

Booze-related shenanigans have probably been around since the first fermented drink was discovered or invented. So neknominating (where someone films himself downing a pint in one gulp, then nominates two friends to do the same) sounds like just one more…

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