Taking action

#1148 Giving Columbus a rest in favour of first peoples

These petroglyphs are from the Taino people of Puerto Rico. Columbus would not have seen them, but he might have seen similar figures created by the Tainos he dubbed “Indios”. Photo by Geoff Gallice, via Flickr Creative Commons

In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue… That little ditty helped me remember the date of one of Columbus’s voyages when I was a child. It was the date attributed to the Italian sailor’s discovery of the Americas.…


#1122 Save the world, starting with bees

Pollinating the lupine in Rotary Marsh, Kelowna, British Columbia

Just when news of the day threatens to make optimism look like a fool’s errand, I learn about a 4-decade-old organization that connects scientists and citizens around an important goal: to protect invertebrates and their habitat. Since 1971 the Xerces…