#410 Fred delivers the bread


A year as a graduate student in France changed my relationship to food forever. Cheese and bread took on new meaning. Eating became a sensory experience. Buying ingredients for a meal became an adventure. So when I moved to Kelowna,…


#409 Music in the Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen metro child

Music figures frequently on this blog. That I live with a musician no doubt influences me, but I am also a believer in the transformative power of music. When Michelle sent the link to this flash mob in the Copenhagen…


#408 Joy is the heart of learning


Lately we’ve been watching our granddaughter take her first steps. She is in Australia, and we are in Canada so we watch her every few days on Facetime. We would have missed those first steps, but her mothers filmed them…


#406 Solar technology for drying fruit

Dried Tomato Chips

Thanks to my Twitter and Facebook friend Nanette, I learned about Minnie’s Dried Fruits and Vegetables. In May 2012 the company celebrated its first birthday. Take a look at Minnie’s Web site and Facebook page, and you’ll see why Nanette…


#402 Roanoke Businesses Say NO to Homophobia

Jordan Addison sees car for first time

Over a period of three months this spring, bullies vandalized Jordan Addison’s car four times. They bashed in his windows, slashed his tires and keyed homophobic slurs and “die” on it. The student at Radford University did not have the…

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