#506 Blues at the Boh

Sherman (Tank) Doucette

Poppa Dawg always knew he wanted to play blues. “I never ever felt more comfortable in my skin than when I’m playing the blues,” he said. When he and Sherman (Tank) Doucette cut loose at Kelowna’s Bohemian Café on November…


#505 Healed by books


  Bibliotherapy has been part of my life since I first started to read. I just didn’t call it that. I wrote about it for my Catching Courage blog, in a piece titled, “Ask a question, and the right book…


#504 Dementia in Denmark

Senior Citizens sign in Quincy, IL

My mother became the invisible woman, one brain cell at a time. Alzheimer’s was a stealth robber, gradually stripping her of the outgoing, friendly personality she had worn through life. In many ways she was one of the lucky ones.…


#498 How old is too old?

Henry's hand-written biography

For James Arruda Henry, the answer to “How old is too old?” would be: “Never.” He was 96 years old when he learned to read. Once he acquired literacy, he hand-wrote his autobiography, In a Fisherman’s Language. He might have…