#517 Humans sharing the planet

Photographer Erin Williams, clip from Vimeo video below

I’m writing this on a dark evening, December 14, 2012. My heart is sore with compassion for the families of all those who were shot in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. Whatever anger and madness seeped into the…


#516 Before I die…

Before I die chalkboard

When she lost Joan, a woman who was a mother to her, artist and urban planner Candy Chang was devastated. She channeled her grief into a giant chalkboard on the side of an abandoned building and covered it with this…


#515 Mr. Happy Man

Johnny Barnes

He has breakfast at 2 a.m. because Johnny Barnes, aka Mr. Happy Man, has work to do. From 4 to 10 a.m., he greets commuters as they drive by on their way to work. For years he worked as an…


#514 Gardening in potholes

Holes of Happiness

The largest potholes I have ever seen were in Rochester, New York, in 1975. My ex and I were driving into the city that was to be our new home. It was dark. Potholes loomed like grand canyons, threatening to…


#512 Lowly kale reaches stardom

Gnocchi with kale

Not so long ago, I posted a lament on Facebook. I had tried without success to befriend kale, that cool-weather-loving, nutritious leaf that has decorated the edge of so many restaurant plates. I couldn’t get my taste buds around it.…


#510 Gorilla love

Kwibi and Aspinall

With so many reasons for hope filling my files, I lost sight of this one for more than two years. That was when my friend Glenda sent me the link. In the intervening months, the film of Damian Aspinall’s encounter…


#509 Small steps, big difference


When I pull out my reusable bag, I don’t really think I’m making much of a contribution to the health of the planet. It just feels right, making my small gesture. It’s no surprise those ubiquitous plastic bags are a…