#480 With a little help from a friend

Charlotte Jaconelli and Jonathan Antoine during photo shoot for Together

They are two quiet young people with extraordinary talent. Fortunately, their singing teacher thought they would sound good together. They did, good enough they decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. When they walked onstage to compete in the sixth…


#475 – Science in delicious doses

Zombie Apocalypse graphic

Recently I stumbled onto a science site that delights me, AsapSCIENCE. Artist Gregory Medlock and musician Mitchell Moffit regularly upload short videos to YouTube. Appropriately, the week of Halloween 2012 they uploaded Zombie Apocalypse Science, an illustrated exploration of how…


#474 Aging into love and loving into age


This was a lonely little bear. He arrived along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Australian Father’s Day 2011. The Aussies honour their dads in early September so the flowers and bear were a double treat, arriving on my…