#569 Sometimes it feels good to be wrong

Skaters on Kelowna's outdoor rink

I’m only human. I like to be right, at least more of the time than I’m wrong. But I was completely wrong about something here in Kelowna, British Columbia, and I’m happy about it. When the city decided to build…


#567 Tasting the earth

568-Terroir  056

Until a scholarship sent me to France for a year of graduate study, I thought all cheese was orange and tasted the same. A childhood in southern Idaho did not educate my palate about the complexities of food. In Paris…


#564 Poetry slams and word lovers

Rodney "October" Dixon

When I first heard of young people organizing poetry slams, I hadn’t a clue what sort of event to expect. Then I went to one in San Francisco and was captivated by the passion and literacy of some of the…


#563 J-Mac’s best shot

Jason McElwain

In the last four minutes of a February 2006 basketball game between Greece Athena and Spencerport High Schools, coach Jim Johnson made a life-changing decision. He sent the team’s manager, Jason McElwain, into the game. McElwain, known as J-Mac to…


#561 Toothpick whimsy of Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay

Some artists paint with watercolours or acrylics. Others carve granite or wood. But toothpicks? That was Scott Weaver’s choice for his complex re-creation of San Francisco. Weaver has received a lot of attention for the intricate toothpick sculpture celebrating the…