#580 Life-saving chicken

Bonnie and her four chicks. She hatched all four eggs.

Cluck Cluck the hen did not care that she had been given a ridiculous name. She didn’t care any more than Bonnie cared when I tucked her into my arms, grateful for her affection. What Cluck Cluck cared about was…


#579 Garden in a gutter

Rain gutter strawberry beds, from Homestead Survival's Facebook photo stream

It was the abundant strawberries, spilling over the sides of hanging rain gutters that caught my attention. The photo was from Homestead Survival’s Facebook photo stream. I wanted to know more so followed that link to a Web site. Homestead…


#578 Edythe Kirchmaier’s longevity secrets

Edythe Kirchmaier

When Edythe Kirchmaier renewed her driver’s license on January 22, 2008, she was given the normal five-year extension. That is rare for someone born in 1908, but Kirchmaier is lively, vibrant and still committed to her volunteer work for her…