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Feisty Aging

Feisty Aging
Series: Hope Wins, Book 2
Genre: Inspirational
Tags: aging, self-improvement
Publisher: Espoir Press
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 168 pages
ASIN: B013250T0A
ISBN: 9780993962349
Feisty Aging is packed with inspiring models for finding the treasures in your own aging. Read the 59 stories of individuals, communities, organizations and even countries that recognize the riches life’s last chapter offers. The seniors you meet here will inspire you to write that book, run that marathon or pursue that dream you thought you were too old to contemplate. They will also give you a sense of anticipation, rather than dread, as you consider your own aging. Available on Gumroad in 4 digital formats: PDF, Kindle, iBooks and Nook. Print, Kobo and Google Play coming soon.
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About the Book

“I’ve often heard it said that the right people, books and situations come into your life when you are ready.  Such is the case with the inspirational gem of a book, Feisty Aging by Cathryn Wellner.  At 61, I am finally feeling at home in my body, mind and spirit and Feisty Living gave me reason to celebrate with some extraordinary people I can look to as role models, something sorely lacking in our youth obsessed society.  Upon finishing these beautiful mini biographies, expertly woven together by the author, I felt a renewed sense of hope, dignity and pride.

“Thank you, Cathryn Wellner, for this uplifting work of yours that I was so ready to embrace and that needs to be shared with life journeyers of all ages.  We are so much more than our age may suggest!” ~ Donna Houghtalin, Educational Director, Stony Kill Farm

“This little gem of a book motivates the aging reader with hope for creating meaning in elderhood. It inspires one to move from complacency to action in order to live fully and ensure that a creative legacy remains for our future generations.” ~ Julie McIntyre, Art Therapist/Facilitator/Educator

“Filled with humor and a warm heart, Feisty Aging is a gem of inspiration. Personal stories come from the author’s own experience. Other stories have links to invite further exploration. All of Wellner’s stories give me hope!” ~ Kathleen Ellis, Unitarian Universalist Minister

“The stories brought tears of appreciation and gratitude. At the same time, they brought inspiration and encouragement, as I move into my 7th decade. These are stories for all of us, though, young or old.” ~ Lisa Wagner, Naturalist, Gardener, Writer and Speaker, Natural Gardening

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