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#1126 People power saves man with leg trapped by train

Photo clip from surveillance video show by Australian Broadcasting Coroporation

The surveillance video clearly shows the man boarding a train in Perth, Western Australia. Suddenly his leg slips between train and platform. With the train soon to pull out of the station, he is unable to pull his leg back…


#940 Music for the masses

Queensland Symphony Orchestra shoot

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will know I am a sucker for flash mobs. Joy, love, creativity, and community are all mixed in together when people gather to bring something special to a public venue.…


#918 Couple’s future rescued by social media

Naomi Clarke

The NaPaul Photographics Web site shows two talented young people skilled at capturing special moments and special places, even if what is before the camera’s eye would look ordinary without their powers of observation. The Adelaide, South Australia couple recently…


#726 Kids raising funds to save Tasmanian devils

Blackwell children

Tasmanian devils need all the friends they can find, and the three Blackwell siblings have stepped up to volunteer their efforts. Louis, Alice and Isaac began their fundraising efforts in 2011. The Blackwell family lives in Perth, Western Australia and…


#604 Words can hurt…and heal

Two of the most beautiful women I know - my daughters in love

by Michelle Jarman As a Canadian living in Australia, I abide by Australian laws.  As a lesbian living in Australia, I deeply struggle with the inequality that same-sex marriage is still illegal here. I cannot walk down the aisle on…


#518 Don Ritchie, Angel of the Gap


Don Ritchie was the kind of guy who could make me believe there really are angels walking the earth. When he died in May 2012, he left behind a legacy of hundreds of souls saved from suicide. Some say he…


#505 Healed by books


  Bibliotherapy has been part of my life since I first started to read. I just didn’t call it that. I wrote about it for my Catching Courage blog, in a piece titled, “Ask a question, and the right book…


#468 Goat saves her farmer


Long before I had a chance to become acquainted with animals other than cats and dogs, I fell in love with Isaac Bashevis Singer’s story of “Zlateh the Goat” (Zlateh Goat & Other Stories). In the story the beloved goat…


#335 Aboriginal elder opens door to another world


When someone from a culture very different from my own knocks on my door and offers an insider’s glimpse, I’m deeply grateful. That’s what Wilfred (Willie) Gordon does with Guurrbi Tours in Australia’s Northern Queensland. I haven’t met Willie in…


#286 The kookaburra really does laugh


When Marion Sinclair won the 1934 Victorian Girl Guides competition for writing an Australian round, she likely never dreamed one day campers in Idaho would be singing it. And when I was belting out these words along with my fellow…