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#941 For love of a pig

Esther the Wonder Pig

Although I do not normally join fan clubs, I just joined the one that honours Esther the Wonder Pig. In my farming days, I loved pigs. So I was curious about this large, porcine pet. With her expressive eyes, sensitive…


#884 Pig to the rescue

Pot-bellied piglet

Some stories bear repeating, like the one about LuLu, the pot-bellied pig. Back in 1998 she was one of those unlucky creatures who were part of the craze for pet pigs. Someone thought she would make a great 40th-birthday gift…


#399 Tale of the Tamworth Two

Tamworth Two (Butch and Sundance) at the Rare Breeds Centre

Butch and Sundance may be outlaws to most of us, but to the people of Malmesbury they were Tamworth pigs. Their story inspired a BBC movie, The Legend of the Tamworth Two, but the best part of the tale is…