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#816 Bravery behind the veil

Badam Zari

Many times in my life I have been irritated by misogyny. I hated the gauntlet high school boys put us through, sitting on the hall floor, commenting on us as we walked by. I was furious with the high school…


#689 Angel Streets pay tribute


Statistics vary, but one thing is indisputable. Indigenous women in Canada are far more likely to be victims of violence than are non-indigenous women. The Angel Street Domestic Violence Education Project is trying to change that. The project was started…


#685 Teen shows power of intention

Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan

What can one teen do in the face of a major social issue, in this case the need for more teachers, training, supplies and schools for women in Afghanistan? As it turns out, quite a lot, at least if that…


#682 Guys in pink helmets

Cascos Rosa

If you see young men and women wearing pink t-shirts in Ecuador and if they are spreading a message about “Neomasculinos”, they are likely members of Cascos Rosa (Pink Helmets). The network of Ecuadorian youth formed to struggle against the…


#668 Proud to vote


The year my mother was born, 1917, American women did not have the right to vote. Three years later her mother cast her ballot in tiny Inman, Nebraska. On March 14, 2013 I voted in British Columbia’s provincial election because…


#660 Gender equality in Marivan, Iran

A court in Marivan, Iran punished a man by parading him through the streets in traditional Kurdish women’s clothing. They could think of no greater humiliation. I do not know what crime landed the man in court, but his punishment…


#574 The village that ended genital cutting

Senegal grandmother and grandchildren

Like every other woman in their families, the girls of Keur Simbara, a village 76 kilometres from Dakar in Senegal, grew up knowing that one day their genitals would be mutilated. It was the only way to make them acceptably…


#566 Giving voice to women in Afghanistan

Afghan women wearing burqas

This writing project guards the anonymity of its authors. They are identified only by a first name, but the stories these women tell give voice to some of the most silenced people in the world, the women of Afghanistan. The…