How to get back into the swing of job seeking after study

Getting back to work after taking a year or so off for higher education purposes is not easy. Honestly speaking, with the passage of time, the entire notion of your professional-self gets somewhat hazy, which makes it all the more harder for you to pick up your career from where you left it off. Irrespective of whether it has been a year or an entire decade, getting back into the swing of job seeking doesn’t come easy. Well, if you are facing such a situation, here are a few tips that will help you get back in action:

What do you have to offer? Work it out!

As a returner, there’s a good chance that you might undervalue all that you have to offer to a potential employer. This is because you’ve been away from the job market for a while, which might make you think that there are better people out there with a much better skillset than yours. However, there’s plenty that you have to offer too and it is necessary for you to be clean on your skills and strengths. Not only will knowing and asserting your skills increase your confidence, it will also provide you with all of the energy required to go through the entire job search ordeal once more.

A few things that you can do to learn about your strengths and skills includes:

  • Asking family members and friends as to what they think you are good at
  • Writing down at least 5 achievements and skills that you have demonstrated in the past year or so
  • Learning about current industry issues and standards and seeing whether you can cope with them or not

If need be, it is also recommended for you to take on refresher courses like communication skills training in Dubai so that any skills that you might have winded down on can be refreshed, thereby giving you all the more motivation in terms of finding a job all over again.

Get back in touch with your professional self

The best means of reconnecting with your professional self is that of creating a LinkedIn profile these days. With it, you will be able to get in touch with former colleagues who know you from your ‘professional’ days. Apart from that, you will also be able to join industry groups, learn about its current ins and outs, and even attend or volunteer at different industry events where you can connect with potential employers.

Focus and start getting creative

There are a number of creative ways through which you can acquire relevant up-to-date experience. Through these, you will be able to fill in the gaps on CV, enhance your professional confidence and build on your network too. These are inclusive of:

  • Getting in to a short ‘work placement’ project through your contacts
  • Seeking freelance, return ships, temp or interim work
  • Take up skilled volunteering and management courses in Dubai