There are so many companies of carpet cleaning in Dubai companies in almost every city but how to find the best one cleaning company is difficult task, but. Well we have so many sources to find out the company like we can ask our friends, relatives, and we can also search these companies on internet. So many companies have their own websites. You can visit there and can see their work. Internet have made easy to search anything. Every company provides different types of carpet cleaning methods. Here we are going to discuss some method of carpet cleaning.

Cleaning with Hot Water

 I remember when my mother used to clean the carpet with hot water and we used to help her for carpet cleaning. It is also known as steam cleaning. Hot water cleaning is seemed to be best deep cleaning method. The benefits of hot water cleaning method is that it kills the bacteria dust mites and fungus etc most of the companies know that which method will be useful for which type of carpet. 

Use Dry powder 

This method is also useful for carpet cleaning and takes less time to b cleaned. This powder is made by some detergents and very small amount of water. You just need to sprinkle the powder over the carpet and leave it for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes you have to use the rotating machine to accumulate the powder from the carpet. Most of the dry cleaners use this method to clean the carpet.

Cleaning with Shampoos

It was very popular method to clean the carpet but after introducing encapsulates technology this method got less popular. This method is useful for heavy soiled carpets. But the disadvantages of this method is leaving high amount of wet foam on the carpet. And it takes too much time to dry which makes this method less popular.


In this method most of the companies use some chemicals like polymer to clean the carpet without using so much water. After applying the chemical on carpet use the vacuumed to clean the carpet, it is also considered as dry cleaning and it takes less time to clean.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method produced good result on carpet after cleaning and in this method takes some technique used for hard floors of buffing and applies on the carpet. After using this solution applied on the carpet rotary machine is used on the carpet.