Armored Cars – Should You Buy One?

The emergence of modern, high efficiency multi fuel engines means your armored car will not consume as much fuel and you thought it would. Overall, there is little to no reason to stay in oblivion when it comes to buying an armored car. Especially, when the benefit it offers far outweighs the drawbacks it may have.  Contrary to popular – not you can say not so popular belief; an armored car is not only as affordable as your everyday car, but also offers a number of features that you will not find in any other car around you. The first feature it offers is the unrivaled protection. Even the rugged 4×4 cars will struggle to match the protection levels offered by armored cars. No 4×4 car, unless equipped with up armored and tweaked, will offer as much protection that can be compared to your armored car.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can find an armored car at much affordable rates today. There is no denying that armored and bulletproof cars are becoming more affordable by the day. They are running a run for their money to their non-armored counterparts. They are literally making the competition stiffer by the day. Even some of the best civilian carmakers are now thinking about making and selling armored versions of their usual cars. As such, all signs indicate that armored cars are here to stay for a long time and who knows, your garage might end up hosting one much sooner than you think. Here are some more reasons that might lead you to buy one:

Runflat Tires

Your ordinary car will not have these tires. No matter which version you buy, usual or radial, they’ll be punctured the moment your car end up on a rough terrain. You might even have to replace the tires yourself at some point in time. Well, an armored car has no such issue, as they have run flat tires that are designed to withstand much heavier damage and will still carry you to a safe location. You will never end up stuck in a barren sand dune when riding an armored vehicle. The tires, even when damaged, will take you at least fifty kilometer away – often enough to a nearby repair station.  Apart from tires, the vehicle suspension, the interior features like luxury seats, durable electronics, a military environment control system, the extra bulletproofing, they all come standard.

Try this and you will surely enjoy riding in your armored car every time you step into the driving cabin.