Essential Features That An E-commerce Site Should Have

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Having an e-commerce site is not just about putting your items on an online platform and let the customer buy the items. To be a success in online selling, you need to have a top-notch e-commerce site that not only showcases your product but also cater to the distinct needs and preference of your target market in terms of customer satisfaction.


If you are brewing your online store for launch, here are some essential features that you should integrate into your online selling platform:


  • User-friendly site


One thing that most online users are looking for in a website is convenience – from finding the items they want to purchasing it. So, it is a must that you design your e-commerce site in a way that it would be easier for you’re the user to fulfill the goals that want. Some of the features that you need to integrate in terms of convenience are the search bars and online payment gateway. Including a search bar on the site would help the user find what they want in the page in an instance. A top-notch payment gateway in Dubai would give customers the convenience of paying the items they need to order without sending actual cash.


  • High-quality visuals


One of the mistakes that most site owners commit is uploading low-quality photos and video. Not only it will affect the design integrity of the site, but it would also not sit well with your customers and online visitors. Invest in high-quality visuals to attract customers and highlight the features of your product.


  • Convincing CTA buttons


Call-to-action buttons are essential for conversion rate optimization. These buttons are used to point online consumers on the sales page so they can complete or fulfill an action. Given its sales function, the CTA buttons should be clear and convincing. What most design experts do is they make this button stand out from the rest of the site elements and put a concise and convincing action call to it.


  • Store and product information


Since the user will not be visiting your actual store to check and scrutinize the product, they need more information about the items. Be sure to provide complete details of each item or product. But you can also insert subtle marketing context on the copies to convince the user to purchase the product.


  • Security Features


You need to remember that the user will be making a purchase on the site, so it is a must that the level of security of your website is unparalleled. Invest in security plugins and firewall to prevent online issues like spamming, fraud and site hacking.

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