A variety of people may not be able to distinguish between diet food in Dubai, organic and gluten free food. They should keep this thing in their mind that organic food may not be free of gluten, but different “gluten free” foods can surely be organic in nature. This food may also prove to be beneficial for athlete weekly meal plan.

Organic food is being grown naturally. This surely means that such sort of food is not being exposed to any sort of fertilizers and a variety of pesticides too. But in today’s world farmers do expose these organic foods to pesticide sprays so their crops are safe from all sorts of harms. Even after knowing this fact people do prefer organic food as it is a healthier choice as compared to non-organic food. 

What is Gluten?

Gluten is being used as a thickening agent. As it is commonly known as sticky protein so it does has a variety of applications too. Gluten wheat bread is widely used in a variety of confectionary bread and a number of other products too. It is also being used in a wide range of beauty products as a thickener. Many products even include different traces of gluten. 

Food free from gluten may be organic but this thing is not true always. People who are suffering from celiac disease are advised to take diet which is free from all sorts of gluten traces. People do even have a wrong perception that one can lose immense amount of weight if they start eating food which is free from all sort of gluten. This is not true because such things can even lead to immense increase in weight too. 

Requirement of Gluten 

A number of physicians have been suggesting their patients that if they have lower levels of gluten then they should include more gluten in their daily eating routine. But if one faces high levels of gluten then they should avoid eating that food which has high traces of gluten in it. This will be beneficial for an individual otherwise he will suffer from celiac disease. 

When one prefers eating wheat or barley and they start feeling a very deep discomfiture then they may be suffering from gluten intolerance. In such cases, it is better that one visits a specialist. Even if one is planning to avoid all sort of gluten containing food then they should first ask a dietician. 

These are some ways by which one may be able to understand a difference between organic and gluten free food.