Dubai art projects create an open-air park atmosphere across the city. The ongoing efforts of planners and architects who find areas like the Palm Jumeirah Bridge to transform into life like trees and forested areas. The governmental organizations that promote the tourism and culture of Dubai have been working with the artists to create oasis areas across the city to bring a unique feel that all can appreciate. This bridge is one of the main routes leading into the East Crescent area and is seen by thousands of people every day. The main reason for the wonderful additions is to make the city place where residents can be inspired to have a vision of Dubai as an artistic and imaginative place to visit, work and play.

In fact, the vision of Dubai as an up and coming place worthy of visiting, check out the giant M on the Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Kite Beach and Dubai Mall. Microsoft created an official typeface for the city of Dubai. How many other cities have their own specialized typeface used all over the globe?

Artists and culture have been a part of Dubai for years and the cultural center of expression for modern art is grown to become the place for new and aspiring artists to gather and show off their newest works. During the past forty years of the existence of the UAE, the artists are using the motifs of desert and surrounding areas to find their own expressions of art. The Meem Gallery and the Miraj Islamic Art Centre are both outstanding examples of the variety found in the city currently.

Islamic art is interesting and often combined with religion, with all types of media. Pictorial, paints, sculptures and the artful combining of area and space with objects to showcase the growing artistic scene is what the modern collectors want. It may take time, but there are great deals of nearly any type of art and artists in Dubai, just keep looking. It might be challenging to not spend money at the first place you see but bargaining and knowledge of the market is an innovative idea before you go through any of the art galleries in the city. Illustrated art combined with calligraphy is one of the most popular areas of home and business décor in any part of the world and Islamic artists are among the best at this type of art. Come and explore the several types of art in Dubai.