“Include Layers of Lighting” and Other Design Tips that will Add Drama to Your Interior Space

Whether you are decorating your first home or your fifth, you must keep in mind some key interior design principles that will make home your home look more luxurious. Below are some of those:

  • Create a Focal Point – in any production, there are lead roles and supporting characters. You must incorporate that same principle in designing your interior space. Choose an item that will stand out among the rest; an item that will draw attention. Avoid visual noise by choosing just one or two focal points for your interior space.
  • Always Consider Scale and Proportion – not all furniture items that look good in the store will also look good inside your home. An item that seems to have just enough size may look too large or too tiny for your interior space. Make time to take measurements.
  • Be Bold – your interior space must have a great personality. Have fun decorating your space and make sure to create your very own statement. Try and try to mix and match until you begin to see what works and what doesn’t. if you want, you may fit in unexpected elements for drama.
  • Edit your Collectibles – if an item doesn’t fit, then find a new home (or room) for it. Only incorporate items that look and feel good in your room.
  • Include Layers of Lighting – an expert interior designer builds many layers of lighting. This helps in creating interest, intrigue, and variety. No item will stand out in an evenly lit interior space. So, you must choose a focal point and highlight it with a nice lighting. To include drama, you may incorporate some general ambient and lower lightings near the focal point.
  • Ignore All Principles in Favor of Creativity – it’s nice to have some guidelines but be reminded that some of these principles are not practical for a particular space. Make the design personal by incorporating items that make you feel comfortable. Be very creative but don’t make it overly designed.

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